Embrace Who You Are

Cool and rainy today. MJ and I made a sojourn to Aldi’s this morning…to obtain some magnificent low prices. Our lost Gander was greeted today by a couple of his compatriots and they bawled at each other as if they had not seen each other in a month of Sundays. Our goose has become a fixture in our back yard and our pond. He is lonely but thus far he has not left with his friends.

I have been pondering the relatively new quest for people to embrace who they are. It is a refreshing change from my youth. In my early years the goal was to satisfy my elders. I sought to produce what they deemed was appropriate for me. However I soon discovered that I was much happier and more contented if I marched to the beat of my own drummer. Saying what I really thought and being a true rendition of Bradley Jay Brooks has brought me much joy! I watch with disbelief as many republicans agree with Congresswoman Liz Cheny and yet are afraid to speak their mind. She has the courage to represent the feelings of a large group and including many of her congressional colleagues and yet they do not have the courage to be their selves and speak the truth.

Poly-Parroting the ideas of others and aping the behavior of the perceived accepted…is excruciatingly boring. To accept what a religious leader tells you is the truth, without your own research and thorough examination…is morphing into a marionette. It is much more fun to make your own decisions. Part of being a unique creation is being…unique…

Joy emanates from your conviction and courage to be yourself and thus…at times…to speak against the crowd. I spoke against the unjust termination of our former Chancellor, Dr. Jo Ann Argersinger, and I was threatened in both a veiled manner…and a direct one. It was one of the happiest times of my life and I would not change a thing! During that tumultuous time a colleague told me that he admired my courage to speak my convictions and that at least…I was about something… I feared the loss of my job…but I heard more the face in the mirror…

‘Go where your effort is appreciated. Don’t let your actions go unnoticed by individuals who are never satisfied.’ Billy Chapata.

‘Kindness is loaning someone Your strength Instead of Reminding Them of Their Weakness.’ Contemplative Monk


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