Life Among the Potsherds

‘Then Job took a piece of broken pottery and scraped himself with it as he sat among the ashes.’ Job 2:8. NIV

Have you ever considered what life would be without man’s inhumanity to his sisters and brothers? Recently a Congresswoman has equivocated the wearing of face masks to prevent the spread of Covid19 to the Holocaust. You may ask yourself how could anyone be so heartless or cruel…or so stark in their ignorance of what they were saying. Our United States Capitol was stormed by insurrectionist on January 6 of this year. Many stated that they wanted to hang Vice President Mike Pence. Others proclaimed that they were going to kill the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. It is looking bleak that 10 Republican Senators will come forward to vote for a non-partisan committee to examine what happened on one of the most dangerous and horrific days in our country’s history.

Political Winds are blowing against truth telling and the protection of our democracy and the future and viability of our country…and 1 Congresswoman had the courage to stand up and speak on the nations behalf rather than her own personal interest and political expediency. The political leaders of the minority party in the House and the minority party in the Senate say that there is, ‘Nothing to see here…move along…nothing to see here!’ Yet both men spoke out against the current president at that time…of the devastation… and felt the severe sting of fear for their lives…

San Jose, California has been the latest mass shooting. If I was a resident of another country…I would be afraid to travel to the United States. In some quantum theories there is the hypothesis that we are all computer simulations and that nothing that we experience is real. If this were true I would think that God is watching and seeing that his creation has a fatal flaw and that the game needs to either be rebooted or replaced. So, whatever postulations there are regarding our planet and its’ inhabitants…this is indeed our reality…our suffering…and at times our joy when when humanity cares about each other.

The politicians lie.

The homeless cry.

The innocents die.

People ask why?

It is Shonda.

We scrape boils.

Head to foot.

Curse God.

And die.

Yet in our flesh.

We will see God.


2 thoughts on “Life Among the Potsherds

  1. My dad was full of little one-liners, and one was that laziness is no good unless it is encouraged. before computers and tabloid papers, we had investigative reporting, and balanced reporting, giving both sides of the story,(although there would always be a little basis towards the papers political leaning). Now with 27/7 news people in government can say what they like for it is old news almost as soon as it hits the press, therefore no opportunity to challenge what was said, before the news moves on. We do not read long screeds of text anymore, the headlines and the first paragraph is as far as most of us get, we have become lazy readers and this is used against us, they put what they want you to believe in those first few lines and any balanced they put way down at the bottom of the page if at all.

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