‘A particular attitude toward or way of regarding a point of view.’

‘synonyms – outlook, view, viewpoint, point of view, standpoint, position, stand, stance, angle, slant, attitude’ Google

Elmer Woden had been a mean little kid! He was the type of child that tied firecrackers to cats tails. When the cat ran in abject fear…Elmer felt emboldened and a bit of a giant, compared to the hysterical cat!

When Elmer achieved his full height he measured, from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, four feet and 9 and one half inches. His favorite comedian/actor was Danny DeVito. Elmer told his assistant, Bill Bump, that he had taken, ‘so much shit from people that now that he had some authority…he was going to dish it out to all who crossed him!’

Elmer had his fans and his friends…and they received the ‘plum’ job assignments while others who had questioned Elmer’s plan for the Housekeeping department, were assigned the job duties that he felt they would dislike the most!

Elmer loved one of his directors…and hated the other. When staff was not replaced, under the rule of Larry Value, Elmer became extremely upset! He decided that the housekeeping department would illustrate to Mr. Value, the value of the service that they provided!

Soon, the janitors ceased cleaning offices each day/night, as they had done for many years. Housekeeping staff were told to focus on half of their assigned custodial area per work shift and to ignore the other half. And, the kicker was…they had more than enough staff to clean, throughly, the campus each night!

Now, Elmer did not institute a skip-cleaning program because the department was too short of staff…he did it…for spite!

So, Bill Bump witnessed and spoke with and listened to the many cleaning staff that had not couried favor with the leader! He watched how the majority of them worked through their lunches and their breaks and agonized over the skip-cleaning program…that they knew they did not require…and their confusion as to what the mission of the department was…if it was not cleaning?

Larry Value was a character. He relished his connection with, what he perceived, the more glamorous side of physical services to the university. He was a brilliant man who understood the levers of power…but he believed Elmer’s lies regarding his housekeeping department…until he didn’t!

After several years Larry came to Bill Bump and asked him if he could attempt to save the cleaning division that was on the verge of being privatized? Bill responded that he would try.

Immediately, Bill turned the staff loose! He treated everyone equally…there were no favorites! He did not seek to micromanage professionals. He sought to empower them!

Deans and chancellors and presidents told Bill that they admired the manner in which he managed the housekeeping area. Bill responded that the entire credit for the renewed success of the cleaning of campus belonged to the technicians that were performing the work!

Many outstanding leaders have been short in stature. Height has nothing to do with leadership ability. Our current president is a tall man.

In many leaders minds and as a part of their psyche their perspective is that they have been a follower for some time….and now that they are the boss…they are going to rule with an iron fist!

Dysfunctional managers and administrator and supervisors can be found throughout business and education and government operations. They can also be found in organized and un-organized religion. People who judge those that they are responsible for, from the viewpoint of their narrow life experience!

A persons supervisor, whether they be a manager or an administrator or a crew chief, is imperative to the happiness and physical and mental well being of the staff that reports to them! Any time that a person takes this awesome responsibility in a caviler manner or seeks to obtain emotional support from the discomfort or suffering of others…that person should be removed from their position!


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