Peace In Our 2020 Storm

Mary Jane told me this morning that she had received the nicest email from our friend, Ro.  As she shared the kind note with me, my heart was made light and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The efficacy of a few well placed words can make an important difference in your perception of the storm clouds.


Heroes are all around us.  Our nurses and doctors are the front lines of our defense against the coronavirus.  They deserve our admiration…and they, especially, deserve all of the Personal Protective Equipment that they need.  They are mothers and fathers and sisters and brothers and sons and daughters.  They are risking their lives to help the rest of us.

I spent my career in custodial services at Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale.  I quickly discovered that the precious members of the Building Services staff were not only vital to the operation of our University, but that they were elite professionals.  The selflessness of our housekeepers, throughout our world, is protecting the rest of us!

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We find ourselves on a road that none of us have previously trod.  Is it possible that prior to COVID-19…many of us were lonely in the midst of thousands…and, now, can feel loved and needed and a part of the family, although we are physically removed, for a time, by social distancing?

I saw my former pastor, Janice, delivering words of hope through a live stream on Facebook.  Last Sunday I watched my pastor, Kerry, deliver words of faith and direction and encouragement, on youtube.  This unusual and frightening time will be what we make of it.  We may choose to cower and cover our heads, or we may look forward and reach out to our friends and neighbors and our family that we know, and those that we do not know.

The last few mornings, at 1:00 A:M:, I have been watching Pope Francis deliver a homily.  His words are genuine and kind and uplifting.  We have always been one family, although politicians and pundits and religions would have us believe otherwise.

Shutting our ears to the, expert, admonishing of our medical professionals is folly.  Our precious millennial generation, on the beaches of Florida, are being deceived by their strong bodies and health.  I was young, once, and I remember the feeling of indestructibility that is inherent in youth.  However, it is not just about them…but the many others that they will infect, should they contract the virus.


We thought that our finances, separated us.  We thought that the gated community would keep out the dangers.  We saw the homeless woman, sitting by the front door, as we entered the five star restaurant for a luxurious dinner.  Now we know…we are all the same.  We are all destitute and hungry and naked and afraid…without our God…who is represented by our brothers and sisters in our, large, human family.



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