Azure Sky

As I walked the Campus of Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale, today, I was struck with the profound beauty of the picturesque blue sky…an azure sky.  Although the state of Illinois is on a stay at home order, issued by our Governor, we are allowed to; walk, run, or hike, outside our homes.  Campus is an ideal place to facilitate social distancing…as I seldom see another human.  I was thrilled to hear my name called out and when I turned to see who was greeting me…there was my friend Sarah and her distinguished dog.

IMG_0554 2

We are living, in real time, in a pandemic.  People are dying.  The United States has just experienced it’s deadliest 24 hours.  This is someone’s mom…or dad…or sister…or brother…or grandmother…or grandfather.  Lives have, already, been inalterably altered…forever.


When fiction and ‘Tall Tales’…bump their head against the hard tungsten steel of facts…the fanciful narratives evaporate like fog on a sunny morning.

IMG_9302 2

Our medical professionals are heroes!  Our grocery store cashiers and those who bag our food…along with custodians across the world…are heroes!

Our son, Aaron, is working long hours to ensure that his company’s, vital, cleaning and health and safety products, continue, to be delivered to hospitals and so many areas that desperately need the items.

It appears that our government is going to do the right thing in getting money into the hands of working people.  It is difficult to shelter in place…if you have no ‘place.’

I read of so many of my friends who are now, from necessity, homeschooling.  The comments are spot on and funny!  Due to my working nights and, thus, not being able to see our sons, accept on weekends, MJ homeschooled Aaron and Jonathon…for several years.  She is an extremely talented person.

Now is the time for us to reach out and help our neighbors who are financially hurting.  The majority of our fellow citizens would have difficulty in laying their hands on $400 in event of an emergency…we are in the emergency of our lives!

If any truth has emerged from our present distress, it is that we are all in this together.  The fragility of governments and economies, the political musings and hate speech of both political parties, the hollow promises of those who want to manipulate others for their own benefit…as the truth of an unseen virus…. jars us back into reality!


‘Quick reminder that if the roles were reversed and young people were more likely to die, our parents and grandparents would do absolutely anything and everything to save us.’

The rate of increase of the coronavirus, in Italy, has decreased for 3 days in a row.


World War II changed the world and created a new normal.  Our 2020 pandemic…will give us a new normal.  Hopefully it will be the normal of loving each other.  Hopefully it will be the realization that we are much more alike than we are different.  Hopefully…when we see the elderly…we will see our parents or our grandparents.  We will bring the homeless and the cold and the lonely and those who are despondent and have lost all hope…into our homes and our hearts…


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