Dutch Baby!

Saturday has become, Dutch Baby Breakfast at the Brooks Ranch!  The Baby is composed of; eggs, milk, flour, sugar, and vanilla.  It is baked in the oven @ 425 degrees for 25 minutes…and it is heavenly!  I am not a fan of pancakes…but Dutch Baby…is a different story!

So, after a lovely breakfast comes a grill day with Aaron.  He is a grill master!  I have been grilling for over 40 years…but he eclipses me in natural skills!  Ribeye steaks today and sausages for tomorrow…cooked on hot charcoal.

It  is quiet and peaceful in my neck of the woods.  We were zooming with our dear friends, Margo and Jeff, earlier this week, and Jeff mentioned our porch.  I told him that it is my favorite outside room of the house and that I spend a lot of time enjoying its wonders…in all seasons…  I take our zoom church service in sitting on the porch.  When I am on the porch my attitude improves…it becomes more sunny in nature…unless it is raining.  Almost all of my writing is accomplished on the screened in porch.

Life can be mellow…if you let it come to you, rather than chasing it.  Every now and again I get a little glimpse of how much more that we do not know…than we know…  We humans were created with the capacity and facility of contemplation and reflection.  All too often these vital mental and emotional and physical attributes are robbed from us by worry.  If you took a poll that asked how many people, out of a group of 10 are anxious, the honest answer…would be unanimous.  Now, many of the cares of our lives are unavoidable….But others can be lain aside.

I discovered not long after I retired that I could be more anxious than when I was working.  We are all in a bit of a hurry.  You see, we do not know our expiration date.  It is possible to work so hard at having fun that the only thing that you miss from the experience is the joy.

Faith is another area that we feel compelled to compete in.  For type A personalities…and others…it is difficult to sneek into the nearest, metaphorical, telephone booth as Clark Kent…and emerge as Superman/Superwoman.

I grew my mustache in 1993.  It was a big deal for me.  Jonathon and Aaron speculated on how long that I would wear the hair above my nose.  The common bet was 1 month.  That was 27 years ago…and for the past few years…I have added a beard.  Not long after I had added Mr. Mustache…a colleague told me that, ‘I wore my mustache…comfortably.’  I wonder if that is not how God would like for us to wear our lives…comfortably and in peaceful anticipation of his plan for us?

Of the multitude of things that I have worried about…most have never transpired.  I have been amazed at how good things have turned out for a poor and unskilled lad from Chicago…and reared in Little Egypt.  Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale was so good to me that I regularly said that I could not out give my second home!  Life has been the same abundance of mercy and care…demonstrated from so many precious people!

autumn autumn colours brown countryside
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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