The New Year has come to us with less fanfare that is customary and more hope that in recent history. I walked through the Campus Woods today and discovered that the Christmas ornaments have been removed…just as they should be. This is my first year in sometime that I have not constructed some New Year Resolutions. A return to normalcy would be nice. You know, normality is often undersold. Normalcy brings the sunrise each morning, and the sunset each evening. The monotonous of normalcy kept me returning to Southern Illinois University @ Carbondale for 32 years and 2 months and 3 weeks. We in the United States expect to remain the beacon of normalcy for aspiring democracies around the world. Democratic governments are decided by the will of the people and it has been said that, ‘people get the government that they deserve.’

Photo by Sebastian Voortman on Pexels.com

First Presbyterian Church @ Carbondale has taught me that nothing gets done unless you do it. In this life, ‘God’s hands truly are our own.’ The christian life is similar to what Albert Einstein said when asked how it felt to be a genius and he responded that, Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.’ If there are hungry in our town…we need to feed them. If there are homeless…we need to provide shelter for them. If there are young families that need diapers for their infants…we need to provide diapers for them. If there are people that have no washing machine to launder their clothing…we need to provide soap for the Laundromat and quarters to pay for the washing and drying of the clothes.

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com

So we require much from our New Year and a specific encouragement is that 3 vaccines are now approved. If things go as forecast the spring will bring many of us a jab in the arm…or maybe two. We will be able to return to the sweet fellowship of our family and friends! Travel is in our future! Our favorite restaurants are awaiting us… and for we retirees…a Tuesday afternoon movie! Theatre will return and the sound of singing will once again be heard in our land… Our Pandemic has taught us that some things are out of our hands…but many others are not.

2021 will bring us the success and happiness that we work toward. Many years ago I discovered that there is no magic inherent in the New Year. The magic is within each of us. We can be in the best year of our lives…if we believe…

Belief is vital to our stupendous 2021! Normalcy and hard work and dedication are components to out New Year…but equally as important is the magic of our faith! Faith is the fire in the boiler of our life’s furnace that keeps us seeking God’s will for our lives. Our guardian angel whispering in our ear…is our reason for living! Believing that there is something that is far greater than we are and someone that has the plan for our lives…is a comfort and a roadmap for a long life. Remember my senior citizen friends…we are. not old…we are vintage! 2021 is an open door leading to success and victories and happiness that we can only imagine! The New Year’s Horn of Plenty may ask us to step outside our comfort zone…or to reimagine a goal or a challenge…but then again isn’t that what makes life worth living?

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