Another World

I read the other day that some quantum physicists have a new theory that life is merely a simulation and that nothing is real. Now isn’t that a ‘Fine kettle of fish?’ The new hypothesis caused me to think of a movie that I enjoyed a few years ago called ‘Another Earth.’ In the science fiction flick there appeared another planet on Earth’s horizon that looked just like Earth. The mirror Earth idea contained the ‘Broken Mirror, hypothesis that postulates that once your mirror double, on the other Earth learns about you the mirror is broken and that your synchronicity is altered. Brit Marling’s character, Rhoda, convinces, John, who’s family was killed when her car struck their car due to her being intoxicated, to take the ticket to Earth II that she won due to an essay that she had written. Rhoda believed that John’s family was still alive on Earth II.

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Indeed there is more that we do not understand than what we think that we know. For instance we are witnessing a complete break…almost down the middle of our nation…with what accepted truth is. One profound truth that I learned on my visits to Europe is that the United States is a very young country. I really did not understand the significance of this until I observed it in the context of my travels. Once you witness the magnificent stone work and castles and the quite splendor of Notre Dame…you understand that maybe we really do not know it all… In our hubris and for political expediency and to facilitate having an ongoing job that pays ‘good money’ some of us are all to willing to sideline truth for our pocketbook.

One of the most exhilarating and frightening times that I experienced was during my 5 years as the president of the Civil Service Council. I spoke with some boldness for my constituents, many who had no voice in University governance, and I feared the retribution of speaking truth to power. I believed that truth was uncompromising and that to lie or to obfuscate on behalf of the 2 thousand people that were counting on me…would be a primary cause of me not being able to face my reflection in the mirror. A world of winks and nods is not for me.

So this is our world…’the good the bad and the ugly.’ Each of our actions has an effect on someone. Cause and effect is real in this world. Kindness captivates the imagination and anger repels the spirit. Let us seek kindness…and trust that our mirror image on Earth II is doing the same…and the mirror has not been broken… At the conclusion of ‘Another Earth’ Rhoda sees her Earth II doppelgänger in front of her garage…and the screen goes dark…

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